T1 Premium Class

Perfection That Fits Your Hands

T1 Premium Class

PREMIUM – T1 Turbines.                

Perfection that fits into your hands.
The instruments in the T1 Premium class provide maximum accuracy and perfect work results. Innovative, first-class technology, extra light titanium sleeve and ergonomic design ensure that T1 CONTROL, T1 Boost and T1 mini satisfy every requirement. The Premium Class Turbines lie perfectly balanced in your hand.


Model: t1prem
Brand: DentsplySirona


Ergonomic lightweight titanium sleeves
Significantly more power with smaller head size
DLC coated ceramic ball bearings
Due to the 4-nozzle- spray the turbines are the most quiet within their class
Protective-Head-System (PHS ) with dual anti-retraction stop


The T1 Premium class will win you over
Work becomes fun: Top quality for first-class treatment.

Lightweight, quiet and bright

Ergonomically shaped titanium sleeve makes preparation easy
Pleasant sound – thanks to its 4-nozzle spray
25,000 lux yield outstanding illumination

Small, powerful and durable

High-quality „Diamond like Carbon (DLC)“- coat of the ceramic ball bearings ensure durability
T1 CONTROL: Speed control
T1 Boost: enormous performance
T1 mini: Extra small head
Superior view - thanks to small head dimensions.

Hygienically perfect

The Protective Head System (PHS) with dual anti-retraction stop reduces internal contamination
Sterilizable at up to 134 °C and thermodisinfectab

T1 CONTROL – The power lies in the consistency
The power of the T1 CONTROL lies in its consistent torque.

Less is more. The patented CONTROL function ensures one-of-a-kind torque and continuous powerful preparation. With constant high torque at a speed of 250,00 rpm, Sirona shows that the power of a turbine in no way depends on the pure rotation speed. You can drill quickly – without stopping to pick up speed again – that way you save valuable work time.

The consistent speed during preparations and thus to prevent thermal damage to the tooth. At the same time, this consistency also reduces significantly the noise level.

T1 Boost - more powerful, smaller, quieter
As a dentist you know good results highly depend on the performance of your instruments: More power in your hand means less effort for you.

The 23 watts of the Boost variant allows for working almost without interruption with even more torque, combined with a significantly lower noise and reduced head size - More power, more torque, more efficiency.  


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