T1 LINE. Stay flexible with ease.
The high-quality straight and contra-angle handpiece series of the T1 LINE convince with ergonomic design and behave light as a feather, thanks to its titanium sleeves. This ensures fatigue-free work and precise results.

You stay flexible with the ISO interface, regardless of the treatment unit you are using.

Model: t1lin
Brand: DentsplySirona

T1 LINE – Stay flexible with ease.

Universal ISO interface and ISO slider for motors with and without illumination
Ergonomic and light titanium sleeves
DLC coated ball bearings
Optimal illumination for great visibility during treatments


So light, so good! Titanium at its most beautiful form.
It is the perfect combination of innovative, advanced technology, super light titanium and ergonomic design that make the T1 LINE series instruments so extraordinary.

Ergonomic and durable.Ergonomics is only effective if you don’t notice it.
Sirona Premium straight and contra-angle handpieces lie perfectly witin your hand and thus guarantee lasting precise results.

Always a perfect fit. Compatible and flexible with the ISO interface.
With T1 LINE, you will remain completely flexible and open in all directions. Thanks to the ISO interface, the high-quality straight and contra-angle program connects to all current micromotors.

Be choosy! A wide variety of options for great flexibility.
T1 LINE makes preparation easy in every respect. With the great selection of special contra-angle handpieces, you are perfectly equipped even for challenging treatments such as micropreparations or prosthetics

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