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Glass ionomer cement for fillings of classes I, III and V

Model: medifil
Brand: Promedica

Medifil is a glass ionomer filling cement suitable for restorations of class I, III and V.

The material is available in 3 translucent VITA-shades. Thus Medifil allows perfectly aesthetical restorations with a tooth-like colour adaptation.

In addition to a high fluoride release rate and a compressive strength of 155 MPa Medifil convinces by an excellent radiopacity for better diagnostic control.

INDICATIONS For restorations of deciduous teeth (especially class I)
For the reparation of V-shaped defects and enamel as well as root erosions in the dental neck area incl. class V fillings
For the treatment of cavities caused by carious lesions
For fillings of class III and small fillings of class I (incl. extended fissure sealing) as well as linings and build-up fillings for crowns


Excellent biocompatibility, low acidity
No temperature rise during setting
Self-adhesion to dentine and enamel
High compressive strength
High fluoride release
Available in 3 attractive VITA shades
enamel-like translucency
Excellent radiopacity


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