INEOS X5, One scanner, All options

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INEOS X5, One scanner, All options

Price Range: 22000 euro

inEos X5 allows you to take scans for all indications and after a short period of time on the market, it already established itself as the scanner of reference. inEos X5 ensures greatest accuracy for all digitalization work that is of interest for dental technicians – from the palate to the tip of the scanbody. inEos X5 combines simple operation with specific scanning strategies. It thus ensures flexible positioning of models and complete freedom of use.

Model: ineo
Brand: DentsplySirona
  • Intelligent scanning technology: with its robot arm, unique 5-axis scanning technology and large working area
  • Outstanding accuracy and highest depth of field
  • Clear software interface and intuitive operation result in digital models with just a few clicks

The inEos X5 ensures precise digital registration of all indication types with its robot arm, unique 5-axis scanning technology combined with large working area. Preparations are clearly visible.

NEW: Implants. Using the new one-piece scanbody, implant positions can be determined with a high degree of precision even for long-span screw retained implants.*

NEW: inPost. The new one-piece scanbody is made with high precision and its coating and shape are optimally compatible to the special optics of inEos X5.*

NEW: Triple-tray scan. The lower and upper jaws as well as the bite registration can be scanned from a triple-tray impression tray for smaller jobs.*

NEW: Texture scan. For visual support, for example for a metal cast design with the inLab software.*

Impression scan. The inEos X5 scans many different shapes and sizes of impression trays without difficulty.

Multi-die scanning. Up to four prepared stumps are scanned fully automatically and inserted into the digital model with no manual interaction.

Scanning in record time. Whole jaw models are digitized in less than 60 seconds using the large scanning field.

Large operating range. Allows positioning of most common articulators and gives fast, unobstructed access to the scan object.

Manual scanning. Smaller jobs with only a few preparations can be scanned quickly and efficiently using manual mode.

Open scanner. The model data acquired with inEos X5 can be exported as STL.

Intuitive user interface. Create a digital model with just a few clicks. The intuitive user interface of inLab Scan SW with a choice of object-specific scan strategies gives you extremely precise, reproducible results for all scanning work.

inEos X5. High precision.
inEos X5 was developed by Sirona according to the highest quality standards for optical measuring systems and after a short period of time already established on the market as the reference scanner. inEos X5 ensures greatest accuracy for all dental technician digitalization work – from the palate to the tip of the scanbody.

NEW: Scan workflow

With the new scan strategy for long-span screw retained implants, inEos X5 determines the position and angle of the implant position with great accuracy.

Special optics. 

Based on digital stripe light projection with blue light, the camera optics are produced according to strict quality standards, enabling inEos X5 to scan all situations with the greatest reliability. All optical components of inEos X5 are designed and produced specifically for dental applications.
inEos X5. Simple.

Triple-tray scan. Benefit from the fully digital process – in just a short time go from preparation to final restoration by scanning bite registration impression trays.*

Maximum control. Supplement the images generated by the fully automatic scan technology with user-specific views. Use the click-to-scan function to capture all areas of the model as desired.

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