Implantology with CEREC

CEREC Much More Than Restaurations

Implantology with CEREC

Implantology is one of the biggest growth areas in a dental practice. The CEREC system is the ideal way for you as a dentist to keep many processes – and their added value – in your own practice. Regardless of whether you fit implants or also implant them yourself. CEREC supports you.

Model: ImpCer
Brand: DentsplySirona
  • Implant treatment in just one session with directly screw-retained crowns or custom abutments
  • New materials for the production of temporary implant restorations
  • Implanting with CEREC Guide 2 , the fastest and most cost-effective way to create a surgical guide

Fit implants
Chairside in only one session
No conventional impression is needed for chairside fitting of implants. You spare your patients the unpleasant impression tray and the gag reflex often associated with it. Instead, you can provide customized abutments with crowns or directly screw-retained crowns chairside, in one session. You have the most modern materials available for temporary and permanent restorations. Customized solutions meet the highest standards for clinical safety and natural-looking results. The wider range of indications provides greater value to your practice.

The benefits of chairside restoration of implants:

Fast: Digital impressions enable you to fit implants in one session.
Cost effective: Expanding your services in the growing market of implantology increases the profitability of your practice.
High quality: Customized abutments provide greater clinical safety than standard abutments. In addition, the tooth-colored abutment ensures a natural look.

Implant insertion
Greater accuracy due to drilling guide
The combination of the CEREC workflow with the three-dimensional image provided by our 3D X-ray devices means more safety for beginners and experienced professionals:
Integrated implantology makes it possible for you to simultaneously plan surgery and prosthetics and to implant them precisely using a surgical guide – keeping the added value in your practice.

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