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Whether a beginner or an experienced implantologist, you will always
make the right decision with Sirona. Because implantology has been a
central theme in our research and development for a long time, many
of our products are perfect for this purpose. In other words: At Sirona,
the requirements for implantology are already included. So you have
products that support you in all types of treatment – and thus in

Brand: DentsplySirona

Custom abutments
Among patients and dentists there is growing demand for aesthetically perfect implants.

TiBase and inCoris ZI meso can be used to make individual highly esthetic hybrid abutments with a crown of your choice. This means the steps can be adjusted to the contour of the gingiva and gray metal margins are a thing of the past even with gingival recession.

Sirona TiBase Sets Titanium base, abutment screw, scanbody

Simply choose the appropriate Sirona TiBase Set for the chosen implant system. This set consists of a titanium base, an abutment screw and scanbody.

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