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GALILEOS ComfortPLUS. The 3D unit recommended by dentists. For the highest demands.
What is it that defines a great 3D imaging unit? Safe results with absolute flexibility, intuitive ease of use and high resolution images.

All that is offered by the GALILEOS ComfortPLUS, but it doesn't stop there. It combines this package for the highest demands with the lowest possible dose and unparalleled reliability. This is what makes the GALILEOS the unit recommended by den

Model: GALIL
Brand: DentsplySirona


SICAT Function Real 3D jaw motion for the first time
A revolutionary solution for the diagnosis and therapy planning of temporomandibular dysfunctions with SICAT Function and SICAT JMT+.

Integrated Implantology Maximum safety during implantation
Simultaneous surgical and prosthetic implant planning ensures maximum safety and provides your patients with a quicker and improved understanding of the treatment.

Surgical guides from Sirona Precise and cost-effective
Save time and achieve maximum safety by realizing precise planning with a precise drilling template.

Dose Dose counts!
Dose is an issue that is increasingly becoming the focus of patients' attention. For this reason, GALILEOS has been optimized to achieve the best possible image quality at the lowest dose – on demand also in HD.



How severe is the bone atrophy really? Why does the tooth still not move? In all dental disciplines, there are numerous questions that can be answered far more easily using 3D x-rays.


More security with 3D
This is how you can expand your range of services, enhance patient loyalty to your practice and do away with referrals.

Good reasons for 3D:
Faster – time-saving workflow
Safer – more diagnosis and treatment options
More convincing – Better advice and more patient trust
More security with 3D in
e.g., recognizing risk cases and own limitations before performing a surgical procedure, performing implants with minimal invasion, assessing the prosthetic and surgical conditions at the same time
e.g. recognizing the finest structures when detecting root fractures and traumas to the dentoalveolar complex, depicting internal and external root resorption, preoperative diagnostics in the case of periapical osseous lesions, preoperative endodontic planning (before apicoectomy)
Oral and maxillofacial surgery
e.g., displaced teeth, fracture diagnostics, sinus diagnostics, cysts, retained roots, orthognathic surgical procedures
e.g., displaced, impacted teeth, cephalometric analysis, root resorptions, and cleft lips, jaws and palates
General dentistry
e.g, contradictory findings, as well as those that are difficult or impossible to view in the OPG, apical lucency, periodontal diseases, patient consultations, endodontics, implantology, oral surgeries

Track real motion in motion with SICAT Function

For the first time, the SICAT feature provides an anatomically-accurate, patient-specific movement of the mandible within the 3D volume, offering an integrated 3D workflow for the diagnosis and treatment of craniomandibular dysfunctions.

Diagnostic information from the CBCT, the Jaw Motion Tracker (SICAT JMT+) and visual surface data (CEREC) are merged in SICAT Function.

Anatomically accurate, patient-specific movement of the mandible can be visualized in the 3D-volume for the first time. The spatial relationship of the condyle and fossa during movement is represented. Based on the optical surface scan data, the dynamic occlusion can be tracked and, according to practitioner preference, a SICAT OPTIMOTION treatment appliance can be ordered.
Supported by high-precision detection of all degrees of freedom and movements of the mandible with the SICAT JMT+, the way is clear for the transfer, presentation and diagnosis of real patient-specific movements in the 3D volume.

Implants 100% made by you! With GALILEOS Implant

GALILEOS Implant software leads even beginners through the implant planning process efficiently and within minutes. Thanks to color visualization of the nerve canal and the depiction of the bones in all dimensions, the implant can be ideally adapted to fit the patient’s anatomy. This ensures high a level of confidence, since stress is minimized through precise planning and implementation.
Implantation is not only safer, thanks to directly visible surgical conditions, but also minimally invasive. What's more, you will also save time during patient consultations since your patients understand the 3D visualization more easily.

Your benefits:

Easy, precise planning
Implementation with confidence using CEREC Guide 2 or SICAT Surgical Guides
Better patient counseling
The perfect implant in just three sessions with integrated implantology

SICAT AIR*: The first 3D solution for OSA Therapy

SICAT AIR is the first 3D solution to allow not only the analysis of the upper airway but also visualization and planning of the appliance-based treatment true to anatomy. The combination of the patient's 3D x-ray and optical surface data allow for a completely digital workfow.

Analysis, treatment planning and the order of a SICAT OPTISLEEP appliance can be done in one single patient session.

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