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This nano-hybrid composite expands the boundaries of aesthetics, quality and performance. Thanks to the innovative formula it provides all the exceptional properties you expect from such an aesthetic state-of-the-art composite.

Brand: Kulzer

Benefit from superior mechanical characteristics.

The molecular structure of Charisma Diamond combines extremely high strength with minimal shrinkage, resulting in excellent handling characteristics.
Its flexural strength makes it resistant against mastication forces. This high resistance minimises restoration fractures which are, together with secondary caries, the main reasons for filling failures.
Due to its low shrinkage stress, the marginal integrity is improved thus protecting against discoloration and secondary caries.


The Charisma Diamond chemistry:
A patented matrix and newly developed nano-hybrid filler system result in improved aesthetics, durability and handling. This means minimum shrinkage and shrinkage stress, very smooth surface, high resilience and optimised surface hardness.

The Charisma Diamond versatility:
Charisma Diamond adapts to the colour of the surrounding tooth structure for an outstandingly natural look. What’s more, the Charisma Diamond layering technique is a distinct aesthetic advantage and ensures virtually undetectable restorative margins. You easily achieve very good results with single shade technique for simple cases and excellent results using the multi-layer technique.

The Charisma Diamond workability:
Charisma Diamond offers minimal stickiness and improved efficiency during sculpting. It also provides an extended working time even if illuminated by operating light. Ultra-fine filler particles create a polish that is comparable to natural enamel.

The chameleon effect provides a natural look.
Charisma Diamond automatically adapts to the colour of the surrounding tooth and its structure leading to a completely natural-looking restoration. This chameleon effect is the key to an outstandingly natural look. Why not recreate teeth the way nature intended?

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