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Fabrication of an aesthetically pleasing anterior restorations
The interaction between chromatic dentin and the translucent incisal area in the visible anterior tooth region has previously been a limiting factor for the use of CAD/CAM systems. CEREC Blocs C In and the software algorithm set for these blocks have changed this.

Brand: DentsplySirona

The benefits in brief:

High translucency and chameleon effect
Abrasiveness similar to enamel
Vita classical colors (A1-D3 + bleach 2C)
Very easy to polish
Extremely fast material, as no glazing is needed (chairside treatment is possible)


CEREC Blocs C In

The blocks consist of an inner core of highly chromatic dentin covered by a translucent layer of enamel. The dentin cores are modeled after the shape of dentin in natural teeth. The outer shape of the tooth is determined by the biogeneric data in the software. An algorithm integrated in the software aids for the right positioning of the restoration in the block, so that the exact tooth color selected by the user is achieved and an aesthetically pleasing is possible.

The dentin core is used from both sides, so the same core can be used for very narrow front teeth in the lower jaw as well as for wide front teeth in the upper jaw..

The dentist can enter the tooth color and thickness of the incisal enamel in the software. After this data is entered, the algorithm automatically positions the crown in the block in the position suitable for the color indicated.

The user can individually adjust the patient‘s enamel substance without losing  the desired color in the incisal area.

Block as sortment:

    One block size: M

    11 colors: BL2

    A1; A2; A3; A 3,5; A4

    B2; B3

    C2; C3


CEREC Blocs C are optimized for use for inlays, partial crowns, and veneers. CEREC Blocs C guarantee a very good color integration into the residual tooth tissue of restorations and also have a clinical survival rate of 90% after 10 years.

The material has antagonist-friendly abrasion properties, which in combination with optimal light conducting effects and white fluorescence results in highly stable, esthetic results.

Moreover, it is possible to enhance the esthetic appearance even more with customization options (for example, VITA Akzent Plus).

CEREC Blocs C PC are optimized for the use in crowns; with their three different layers based on varying degrees of color saturation (chroma) they can be optimally adapted to characteristic color gradients in restorations with respect to translucency and intensity. And all of this in Vita classical colors A1C-D3C + bleach 2C.

The benefits in brief:

    Highly esthetic posterior crowns

    Colors known all around the world with the Vita classical colors (A1C-D3C + bleach 2C)

    Very easy to polish

    No additional glazing required, making very fast, full ceramic (chairside) treatment possible

    Natural-looking enamel-dentin-cervix layering

    For even better results, CEREC Blocs C PC can be virtually aligned in the CEREC milling preview and inLab software

    Used millions of times

    Also suitable for multiple layers



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