Turboflex Addition Silicone

Quality and Performance

Turboflex Addition Silicone

Turboflex is a complete range of vinyl polysiloxane addition silicones.

Model: turboflex
Brand: R & S

Turboflex silicones consistency is suited to the "Wash technique" and to double mixing.
Turboflex has quite a long working time, followed by a very short setting time.

- Exceptional detail reproduction
- Thixotropic: washes are easily injected and do not overflow during setting
- Hydrocompatibility: your impressions are always highly precise, even when in contact with gingival fluid and bleeding
- Good dimensional stability
- High elastic memory: 99 %. Easy removal. You can make several models from one impression, with no risk of distortion.

Turboflex Putty: box of 250ml base + 250ml catalyst (2 x 400g)

Adapted to all indications and impression techniques.

Has no linear contraction with a high resistance to inorganic agents and UV radiations.

It also has good release properties with organic resins and plasters.


Turboflex Light
Enhanced precision and lower risks of voids forming due to the presence of saliva.

- Auto-mixing system ensuring precise automatic dosing of the base/catalyst ratio
- Maximum detail reproduction
- High tear strength
- Possibility of casting the model after disinfection

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